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The Power of Magic Animal EAGLE


The Eagle

Since the first nature myths have been told the eagle is the companion of the shamans, because it is the animal which comes closest to the sun, and thus closest to the light of truth.

In our culture the eagle symbolizes the flight of the soul, freedom, being at one with all there is - on the highest mountain tops and on rock cliffs it lives alone.
In the symbolic language of the magical circle the eagle stands in the place of the air element, of the East as direction - the power you can get from calm, regular breathing represents the calm, silent but powerful flight of the eagle. In the tarot cards, we meet the eagle in several spots - the last card of the great arcana, "the world", gives it a place in the circle of the elements, and on the card "the emperor" the eagle is the power of the king. For "the hierophant", the eagle represents the old wisdom, the search for truth and the journey of the soul.

The eagle's sharp eyes can see the tiniest details from a great distance - thus making the eagle the symbol of truth, of sense for details, of clarity and of seeing more than one thing at once - for nothing escapes the eagle's attention.

Old images from pagan backgrounds show the eagle with three heads - one looks at the past, one at the present and one into the future. If you braid eagle feathers into your hair for dancing, you may also be able to see all three times at once. Old lore says that if you are ill and dream of an eagle, this means you will be well very soon, near the sun, almost healed.

The eagle has been the symbol for power, kingdom, strength and victory since a very long time - he is also called "king of the air". The Romans had the victorious eagle in their field signs, and today this large bird of prey is depicted on coins and on parlament buildings all over the world, representing the power of the state. The eagle was also seen as the messenger of the gods, people hoped that it would carry their dreams, hopes, wishes and prayers up to them. The daytime of the eagle is dawn, the beginning of the day, the moment when all is still possible.

Today, we can see the eagle mostly in zoological parks or on TV - to see a real, free flying eagle soaring above is a wonderful, but rare experience.

Eagle Meditation

Sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes and visualize an eagle soaring in the sky above. Look at its wings, and breathe as slowly and rythmically as they move while the bird circles above your body. Feel feathers growing on your skin, a wonderful warm feeling that spreads all over your body, easily, naturally. Spread your wings, feel their strength, take a deep breath and start to fly in large circles, higher and higher, all the time you feel easy and comfortable. Look at the trees becoming smaller below while you are carried by the wind, effortless, free. Feel your freedom, your great power and wild beauty, dance with the winds that carry you higher in a large spiral. The wind sings in your ears and caresses your feathers - you are full of joy to be alive, to be such a wonderful being, let your voice carry your emotions, everything is possible!

If you feel you have enjoyed this great flight long enough, start to spiral down again, slowly, all the while breathing deeply, down, down towards the earth. In a last great spiral you land, feel your feet on the ground, let go of the eagle spirit. Feel how your wings become human arms again, the feathers turn to skin, take a deep breath, stretch your body and thank the power of the eagle which will always be available for you as long as you wish to honor this contact. Stay where you are for a moment and let your experience vibrate through you. You are a wonderful being beloved by the Goddess/God/Great Spirit, no matter what form you wish to take on.

Johanna S. Klapper



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