Deck of Cards Fortune Telling Cards

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Deck of Cards Fortune Telling Cards
The Fortune Telling Cards

Shuffle your Cards here:

You can do fortune telling with a regular deck of playing-cards, to peek into the future or find the answer to a pressing question.
A little advice upfront; do not solely depend on the concrete answers or meanings you get from the card, but consider your own intuitive impressions, in order to find the answers, you are looking for.
The real fortune-tellers use the cards as a means of concentration and always weave in their intuition before their give any answers to their clients.
If you find this method too imprecise for trusting in the cards, just look at it a little more playfully, in order to wake up your own intuition.
In the end, the truth is you find the answer within you. You just have to learn to acknowledge it.
We don't want to withhold, that fortune-tellers regard it as bad luck, to read the cards for you or to be alone while doing it. Furthermore, you shouldn't read more than once a week for any single person, since the readings will loose their power and clarity.
This is just a suggestion. If you pay attention to it or not, use your own discretion.
You will see for yourself, how the answers get inaccurate, if you read the cards more than once for the same question. 

The readings:

If the person, the cards are read for is a women, the queen of hearts symbolizes her. If it is a man, his symbol is the king of hearts.
Pay attention to the cards, immediately surrounding the central card diagonally, to the left and right, above and below, in order to find out about difficulties or good news.
First look for the card that stands for the person asking, the queen or king of hearts.
The card above stands for his opinions, the things he or she has in their conscious mind. The card below the central card corresponds to the persons subconscious.
The card to the right expresses the person's fears; the card to the left stands for supporting influences.
If the central card is positioned all the way to the right, so it does not have another card to it's right side, the person is withdrawn from the world around him. If the central card is positioned is all the way to the left, the person misses warmth and tenderness, feels isolated from other people?
After you have read the adjacent cards, look at the complete picture.
What impression does it give you?
Next you start to count the cards, in order to determine which cards are of significance. Depending on the gender of the person, you are reading for, you start with the queen or king of hearts. From their position 
Count out every 8th card, till you come back to the center-card.
The four cards, you determine that way, throw light upon the situation, the person is in right now. 
There are many ways to read those four cards. If you read books on the subject you will find them explained.
You can try the following reading:

1. Card: My own position right now
2. Card: the things, I am suppressing.
3. Card: These are the things, I am afraid of
4. Card: These are the things supporting me. 

If you want to, you can make up your own system. The important thing is to decide upon the meaning of the cards before you shuffle the deck for the reading. You can't change the meaningin the middle of the reading, if you don't like what you see.


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